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October 25 2015


Tips Memasak Ayam Bakar Bumbu Spesial

Tips Memasak Ayam Bakar Bumbu Spesial - Marinated tofu is one type of processed know very good and we often encounter in the food stalls or angkringan-angkringan in Central Java, marinated tofu is probably so much from the many preparations know that you've never tried, so it is not wrong if you try the recipes Processed know that this, too.

Soy-based know this was a lot of nutrients and protein, so it is very good when you eat foods from processed-based know this. The marinated tofu texture will be very savory and tasty at all, let alone you serve as a side dish to accompany your lunch, certainly very tasty. Processing know bacempun actually very easy, so you do not have confused to make.

Now for all of you who often visited stricken Central Java precisely the cultural city of Yogyakarta you'll often see, marinated tofu like this, because this food came from there, so do not be surprised if the food is very good, because using recipes from those ancestors Yogyakarta people. Now therefore should be made as well, so that you can enjoy as well as learn how to cultivate the marinated tofu delicacy in our country. For that please refer carefully processed following recipe.

Langkah Membuat Roti Goreng Isi Kentang

Langkah Membuat Roti Goreng Isi Kentang - Cake tasty indeed many kinds, from cakes, cup cakes, brownies, and other cakes. But in my opinion the most delicious cake is a cupcake, especially if it is combined with a cupcake manufacture of banana that does have a distinctive taste at all, would have added delicious.

You never membuatan processed banana cupcake Keith, when fitted belom means you are now reading this, because it is well suited recipe this time directly practiced. For processing banana cupcake is you need to provide terlebihdulu kepok bananas that are ripe, so that the banana cupcake become more stable and has a soft texture.

This cupcake cake belong to the sphere of the cake that was much enjoyed by many people especially if this cupcake served a snack on the coffee table certainly fast ending. Now therefore you are just trying to make themselves so as not to wonder anymore with this cake taste and unique, especially if your home is no banana kepok who have not made any kepikiran would then simply make banana cupcake cake is refined to make it more stable. Ways and banana cupcake recipe is simply directly pantengi just below.

Langkah Memasak Ayam Kecap Supaya Gurih

Langkah Memasak Ayam Kecap Supaya Gurih - There are parts of the chicken meat other than that if we can itself be a very tasty dish of crispy and tasty, especially when presented with other complementary ingredients such as rice or sauce cocol will definitely add this one refined delicacy. 

Chicken parts in question is chicken intestines that we can mix with crispy flour so that the result of this gut-added processed steady and savory. This chicken intestines when we are presented with this kind of processed food will mengahsilkan very crisp at all because the texture of the chicken intestine is the same as chicken skin in general, so it is not surprising that some people are very happy with this one piece of chicken.

For that you try now to make this kind of processed chicken intestine so that later you can serve as a crispy snack or as a side dish to eat though. Therefore please pay attention to every step in the process of making this chicken intestine.

August 23 2015


Memasak Pancake Pisang Sangat Mudah

Memasak Pancake Pisang Sangat Mudah - Vegetables is very important for our body Ladies. Nutrient content and fiber in vegetables is made must be consumed every day. However, unfortunately sometimes less precise vegetable processing will make the nutrients in it is reduced. Well, this time Vemale will present tips on cooking vegetables that nutrition in it is maintained properly.

The first way that you can try is to steam vegetables. Boiling the vegetables is not recommended because it can reduce the nutrient content in it. The steamed vegetables are much healthier than boiled. Besides the natural flavors of the vegetables will also remain.
Furthermore, you are encouraged to reduce the use of salt in cooking. Use only natural spices such as garlic to taste.
You also can roast your vegetables. It is a healthy alternative to keep the nutrients in vegetables. Vegetables from the roots is the best type of baked goods, such as potatoes, onions or tomatoes.

You can also sautéing your vegetables. But remember, when cooking vegetables with oil, a fat soluble vitamin may be dissolved along with the oil. It's good you do not dispose of the oil.
Try also to cook vegetables without water. This method is good for green leafy vegetables by relying on water attached to the leaves after the vegetables are washed. This method usually requires three to five minutes and will make nutrients remain intact.

Memasak Brownies Kukus Versi Amanda

Memasak Brownies Kukus Versi Amanda - The grilled fish is one of the menus that fit to eat with the family on weekends. Presents and eating grilled fish at weekends can also make family members more familiar with each other. In the market, various types of fish can be found easily. The fish can only sea fish or freshwater fish as well as fish Gurame, Mas and Nila.

This time, Vemale will give a practical recipe to make a delicious grilled fish and certainly healthy. Curious what are the necessary ingredients and how to make the grilled fish? Listen carefully review below ya ...

2 fish Gouramy / Nila large
7 tablespoons soy sauce
4 tablespoons olive oil
3 tablespoons lemon juice
1 tablespoon tamarind

3 large red peppers (seeded, puree)
5 chilli curls (puree)
3 chili sauce (puree)
7 onions (puree)
5 cloves garlic (crushed)
2 tablespoons coriander (puree)
1 vertebra ginger (peeled, puree)
Salt to taste)

How to make
Clean the belly of the fish, remove the scales and wash. Drain.
Enter the fish into a container that has been filled squeeze of lemon juice. Marinate the fish body with lemon juice and let stand for 15 minutes so that smells fishy.
Heat oil and saute ground spices that had been prepared in advance until fragrant aroma. Add tamarind water and lemon juice and seasoning into the lift.

If the seasoning was removed and it was not hot, use it to smear the fish's body until blended. Enter also the seasoning into the belly of the fish that have been cleaned. Do not forget to grease the body of the harian kuliner with soy sauce anyway.
Furthermore, grilled fish until cooked and spices on his body absorbed. So that the fish do not burn, use charcoal to burn fish. Make sure the fire is not too big and not too small.
If the fish is cooked, serve with soy sauce and rice warm.
Ladies, that's a practical recipe to make grilled fish. How, very easy right? Do not forget to make this recipe at home for your loved ones yes. Hopefully this information is useful.
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